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Gender Play/
Teacakes & Tarot

By Will Wilhelm &
Erin Murray


I am developing a Shakespeare centered solo work, Gender Play, with Will Wilhelm - one of the first non-binary actors signed to the company at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 


Gender Play will explore Shakespeare through a gender imaginative eye. In the show, Will guides the audience through the queer roots and character arcs alive in Shakespeare's canon via the performance of 7 monologues. Gender Play seeks to establish queer space in Shakespeare and welcome new audiences to his work.

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In order to develop the show at this time, we created the Zoom event Teacakes and Tarot.
We invite a queer theatre maker for a chat, a tarot reading, and then share some pages from our show, Gender Play. It's one part cocktail party, one part slumber party, and one part premiere party all in 30 minutes. Like the major arcana, how can we read his characters and their stories in our own lives regardless of gender?  

Please send all Gender Play or 
Teacakes & Tarot queries

Teacakes and Tarot is produced by
Island Shakespeare Festival

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